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PUSHING TO PHILADELPHIA! Empire Total War: Darthmod - Road To Independence USA Campaign #6

Perhaps people like you prefer quickly-made mods with low quality work, then go and play those, there are tons of such lotr-related mods: The development team of Rise of Mordor goes the extra mile for this mod. They are also doing this with broken mod tools and i can't imagine how frustrating it must be sometimes.

Exactly, and they are spending their own spare time to work on it! It's a? Lazy dogs I hope that everybody in the RoM-Team knows how many of us think that you are doing a fantastic job!

0 A.D. | A free, open-source game of ancient warfare

Of course there are "people" like darkotrk, or people who won't read the FAQ, but as I already said many people like your work and are willing to wait for it no matter how long it takes. Carry on the way that YOU think is the best. Only registered members can share their thoughts.

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So come on! Join the community today totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. Lord of the Rings. Total War Attila. Total Conversion. Turn Based Strategy. Total War: Rise of Mordor Total War: Attila mod Early Access Mar 25, Please note: This is still an early development.

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Post article RSS Articles. When will the mod be released? It is unknown even to us. We can say however that the community will not be able to access the first public release any earlier than This release will not be the finished product.

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Where will the mod be released, and will we have to pay for it? It is unlikely we will release it on Steam, as the file size will be too big, however we may release one part of the mod with the rest as an external download. This mod is a free project. It is a standalone mod that just so happens to be compatible with Rise of Mordor.

We will create our own versions of all the models they have made, such as Elves, Aragorn and Sauron. It is not compatible with Rise of Mordor as it's for a different game. If the creator ports it to Attila we may help them make it compatible, but it doesn't count as an official submod. How much progress has been made on the mod? Our team has completed 2 out of 19 factions.

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We have also done a lot of 2D art, text, database, music and made progress in other areas as well. What is the team focusing on at the moment? Since Gondor and Dale are done we are now going to focus on Mordor and Isengard units. Besides units, we also plan to start battlefield modding that includes siege battles and land battles. Besides these two main goals we will also work on other factions; creatures such as trolls, wargs and mumakil; and a lot more unit concepts and so on.

Total War: Rise of Mordor mod

Will there be a campaign? The campaign development has been put on hold temporarily however it has not been written off, and is still in the plans for the future. Will the mod move to Total War: There is no chance at all that the mod will move to Warhammer due to the rules regarding what types of mods are allowed, and the fact that even if we wanted to make the mod on Warhammer there's just so much stuff we can't mod that it becomes impossible.

The chance of us moving to Bannerlord or any other game is very small, and is pretty much not going to happen. Discover the intricate and fascinating history behind iconic figures and master their battle styles while competing with players from around the world. Become a hero Step into the boots of Julius Caesar of Rome, Leonidas of Sparta, Arminius of Germania, and many more to add new chapters to their storied exploits. Lead an army Lead the charge in massive, vs battles and let your renown spread across the world.

Explore history Delve into the history of heroes and add to their exploits. Commanders Factions Army Maps.